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Pila Kaňovice s.r.o.
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Fifo worker suicides register to be established and investigated. It should also make the job of the Minister of Social Justice much more attractive, which would attract a lot of people from all over India.

As we've said numerous times, these measures will bring down the suicide rate in India by up to half. There is no doubt that we should act as fast as possible in terms of reducing suicide rates and taking the most aggressive steps to implement these measures. As far as a solution goes, it all comes down to how you manage it, not so much on how you implement it. And I think we should stick to that principle: We shall find a solution.

This article was first published in the Times of India. Read the original article here

Shanker Kapoor is Chief Executive Officer of ICICI Bank and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Indian Express. In this interview he explains the importance of making social justice part of everyday banking.
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Flooded residents use boats to attend australia's biggest football game and the biggest festival on Earth

People have been stuck in a mud pit outside a flooded school in Kathmandu, Nepal, following a deadly avalanche that has claimed the lives of 11 people

Rescuers work at their makeshift relief tent at the flood-hit town of Dharamshala, Bangladesh, on Tuesday in Nepal

Rescuers work at their makeshift relief tent at the flood-hit town of Dharamshala, Bangladesh, on Tuesday in Nepal. Hundreds more people remain trapped

Fishing boats carrying relief materials have been pulled from the sea around a makeshift relief camp in Bangladesh, officials say.

Fishermen and volunteers have managed to retrieve about 3,800 tons of food and clothes, blankets and medical supplies.

At least 13 people have died since the start of the heavy rains in the region of Dhaka and the border town of Dhaka is currently at state of emergency.

It is not yet known how many people are still trapped in the flood-ravaged town of Dharamshala.

The deadly avalanche struck on Tuesday at about 2.45pm local time (1645 GMT) near Chidambaram, Bangladesh, said the Himalayan kingdom's weather service, the Himalayan Meteorological Department.

It is not yet known how many people are still trapped in the flood-ravaged town of Dharamshala. Residents of the town, whose population swelled to more than 6 million people over the past three decades, were being forced to flee on Tuesday afternoon after the avalanche, reports BBC News

The avalanche happened close to Dhaka's International Airport. At least 11 people were killed, authorities said in a statement.

"We are still trying to search for victims of the disaster and rescue operations. The state of emergency has been extended to Kathmandu until Sunday and the international response is at its peak," local news agency ANA said.

At least 14 rescue ships and 10 air ambulances are searching the region for survivors and rescue workers have been trapped in mud huts close to the village

People inspect the area where a massive avalanche in Dharamshala town in Bangladesh killed 11 people on Tuesday (AFP)

Fishermen and volunteers from Bangladesh used fishing boats to pull the supplies from the area

In a separate incident the local police said more than 200 people fled their homes in the town of Thakkar in the mountainous area of Dharamshala, and now some of them are stranded in a flooded camp

Rescuers in heavy machinery used rescue tools to bring water to people trapped in an avalanche in the flooded area of Nepal's Himalayan capital Kathmandu

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